City Car Review: 2008 Ford Escape


We tested the Escape back in 2003 when shopping for a new car. It was awful. Loud and rough riding. The 2008 is worlds better. Check out my full post on KickingTires. We get to buy new in June and can't wait to get rid of our Jeep.

Here are my quick grades:

  • Parallel Parking: The Escape is small and we tested it in the West Loop with ease. Grade: A-
  • Winter Driving: The Escape can be equipped with AWD and I’d recommend it if you have the cash. A regular 2WD Escape will still be fine in Chicago in winter, I just like having AWD. Grade: A-
  • Features: The interior is upgraded but still not as nice as an import like the CR-V. I also don’t like how the rear seats fold flat with two steps and removing the headrests. Grade: C+
  • Mileage: 22/28 city/hwy mpg for FWD in the four-cylinder, 18/24 mpg for the V-6. AWD V-6 is 17/22. Not great but these are 2008 EPA numbers about 2 mpg less than those used in 2007. Grade: B+
  • Price: $19,245 is the starting price but the one we tested was $30,000! That’s a bit too high. But you can get the hybrid for less than that and we’re actually considering the hybrid. Grade: B-