Briggs and Bears are Both Idiots


First of all I don’t like football players who hold out. You’re getting over $7 million ot play a year than its worth a risk of injury in my book. Despite Lance Briggs’ idiotic way of thinking, the Bears are idiots if they turn down the deal orchestrated by Briggs’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

If indeed the reported 6th overall pick for Briggs and the 31st overall pick is indeed true the Bears would be complete morons to pass on it. Briggs isn’t going to play a full season, and if he does he certainly won’t be in camp. So, you’re going to have to pay him at least 6 games worth of salary if he does hold out and not have a linebacker to rely on. Here’s an idea, don’t flush that money down the drain and take the deal.

Yeah it sucks that you were bullied into it, but if you really thought Briggs was that great you’d give him a big money deal that he will get elsewhere. You didn’t. Move on.

You could take THE top defensive tackle at the spot, top DB, 2nd best WR. Or trade down to the teens to get a WR, DB etc.

Oh pictured above, from left: Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye (Bears could get him!), California running back Marshawn Lynch, Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams, Miami tight end Greg Olsen (trade down for him), Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson (no he won’t drop but they’d be able to nab Bowe, Meachum, Ginn Jr. et al if they make this deal and then move down a few spots), Michigan cornerback Leon Hall, LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell and Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. You never know who will drop especially if Quinn is fought for in the top 5.