NYT Article on Chicago's L

Petes_l_photoLet me preface this post by saying, I rarely ride the L. It’s been six months since I last rode it. And while I've lived in the city for 10 years, I've never once taken a city bus. Yes, I’m polluting the environment by driving my gas sucking SUV five miles to my office every day, but I don’t care. It’s convenient and it’s a 20 minute trip, if that, door-to-door.

Dave, on the other hand, was taking the Blue Line from Logan Square to downtown most days and it more than doubled his commute time. Now that he has a parking space (required for test driving cars), thankfully, he no longer has to deal with the L especially since the Blue Line is undergoing some major repairs.

Gapers Block tipped us to this New York Times story about Chicago’s L system that also features photographs, such as the one featured here, by our very good friend Peter Thompson.

The L is more popular than ever, but it’s increasingly becoming a huge headache for those who ride it on a regular basis. Whether it’s construction, such as the work that will begin on the Brown Line next month, or smoke filled and delayed trains, like that of the Blue Line recently, people can’t stop bitching about the L. In the NYT story, an L rider who takes the same route Dave used to take said it used to take him 35 minutes, but due to slow downs through construction zones on the Blue Line, it’s now taking an hour and 10 minutes. We don’t know about that but Dave averaged around 40 minutes every morning leaving before 8 a.m. and 30 minutes on the return trip from the Logan Square stop to the Loop.

We’re completely spoiled by getting to drive to work and not having to pay for parking, but L riders, we feel your pain. When it comes time to move again, look for a place by a Metra stop...it's way better!