Dave’s New Toy: Samsung Blackjack Review

In the move to a smart phone I was seriously considering the Blackjack Pearl because of its phone like size. I need the device primarily for web browsing and email though and after testing them out the Blackjack seemed the easiest to use and has 3G access, while the Blackberry does not.
I had to wait a while to get help at the local Cingular store because people were ahead of me, then I was home surfing the Internet in no time. I haven’t set up the e-mail yet because I want it synched with my work email and not my personal email. I get too much junk at home to make it worthwhile. I can’t report on that but here’s what I like so far:

Materials/weight: The rubbery material is nice and it doesn’t seem to scratch. Weird. The weight is also nice. It’s light but still feels substantial. The clickwheel is nice, but you can also use the center thumbpad to navigate which is what I’ve been using most.

Bright and really easy to read.

Phone quality: quite good. As good as my old Slvr.

 Web browsing: Slow, but I guess this is the speed of mobile web. Some sites load pretty fast others don’t.

Photo quality: Here’s a picture of the salad we had with dinner last night. 1.3 MP Blackjack shot on the left, 5.3 from a new Fuji Finepix on the right. Click to enlarge.


Video/Screen Quality: Even though some of the web is slow to load the Cingular video is pretty darn quick and looks good. I was watching CNN’s hourly recap (2:20 minutes of video) in less than 18 seconds. Every menu screen and reading web sites is also quite pleasing on the eyes.

RSS Reader: I like it. Easier to navigate than the web sites and faster. And it automatically launches the page if you want it too. Also shows off the lack of good NFL RSS feeds!