Dave’s Infamous Ribs: How to blow your fatblogging

Saturday night is usually our night to go out to a nice dinner at one of Chicago’s fine eateries, but because the weather was so nice and I had a hankering for them, it was time to crack out some of my “infamous” (so as not to infringe on anyone) ribs.

These take some time to prepare. Around 11 a.m. I had gotten back from my Costco and grocery runs and had put the groceries away.

I cut the two full slabs of baby backs into four smaller racks. This is
the proper size slab if you didn’t know. Then I pulled off the membrane
on the bottom side and prepared the rub. I won’t tell you what goes in
it exactly but some of the ingredients are shown here.

Then you put a generous amount of the rub on the ribs, close them into
Ziplocs and throw ‘em in the fridge for a few hours. I also made the
sauce ahead of time. Again, I can’t say what’s in it but I do grill
onions and throw them in while the sauce simmers.

The slaw was a mustard/vinegar concoction I tried for the first time.
It was pretty good and Courtney doesn’t normally like vinegar based


The spring thaw threw me for a loop though. I went out to my grill for
the first time and found no tank of gas! It’s at the in-laws because
the movers wouldn’t take it way back in October! So, I had to do the
ribs in the oven. Before you balk if you bake the ribs on 200 for about 2-4 hours it’s about the same as indirect heat on a gas grill. First you have to broil each side for about 15-30 minutes each to get a char.
They were cooked perfectly and the flavors were all spot on if I do say
so myself. Now back to healthy eating for the next six days.