Restaurant Review: Haichi Kitchen, Logan Square

I know we already tackled HK when it first opened and we did some takeout but you really can't judge a restaurant on its takeout presentation and taste, you have to sit down, have the staff wait on you and soak up the ambiance.

All of those extra touches certainly help HK because the sushi, while fresh and tasty enough, won't blow anyone away. Now, I don't want to get off on a bad not here. The sushi, like I said was incredibly fresh and what we ordered was presented well. I was just a little disappointed in the menu. There were no really crazy/extravagant rolls on the menu or anything that the restaurant could call its own.

I'm not going to spell everything out because it causes havoc with
Word, but we usually have all maki and had fresh eel ($6), a spicy
white tuna with tempura crunch (winner of the night, $6.50), soft shell
crab ($7), and a rainbow roll ($10) which, besides the most expensive
was probably the least interestingly.

We also had a bowl of miso soup each to warm up from the walk
over, a glass of wine for Courtney and a large Sapporo for me. The bill
came to $53. Not so bad considering the liquor. The best thing about
going to Coast is getting out of there for under $40 with a couple of
Sapporos left over. You don't get that here. Of course, it is super
close and the concept of just walking over there on Saturday night
instead of getting prepped to go out, out, was extremely appealing.

The atmosphere was very classy but I was surprised the sushi
chefs weren't visible, there was just a large bar. Of course, there
would be a lot less room for seating. The service was also pretty good.

All that makes me say we'd go back, but the overriding factor is still proximity.


  • Food: B
  • Service: B+
  • Atmosphere: B+
  • Price: B
  • Menu: B-