Talking About Our Generation


This week we learned a new word: Yindie. While there is no Wikipedia definition, it's actually not that new of a term. The Urban Dictionary gave a description of the alternate name, Yupster, back in 2004. Definition of a Yupster?

A hipster with a professional job who seeks to climb the corporate ladder but remains true to indie musical tastes, lives in a hipster neighborhood, and likely has a hipster hairstyle.

Yeah, that's pretty much us, minus the hipster hairstyles. We have never been that cool. And we're probably on the preppier end of the dress scale compared to the sketch above.

The April issue of New York magazine features an in depth story on us Gen-Xers who are getting older, making money, having kids, staying in the city and trying to stay Indie-cool. We're not nearly as cool or rich as the New Yorkers in this article, but we certainly fall into the same category.