Quick Vista Thoughts

I made the plunge this weekend and bought a new PC with Vista. My old computer was showing signs of going kaput so I figured instead of waiting until it exploded, like my last desktop, I'd save myself the headache. It had lasted a good 3 years and that seems to be the shelf life these days.

I got an HP with an AMD Athlon 4600 dual core processor and 2 GBs of RAM. I was going to get more of a budget buy but the difference in cost was about a new gig of RAM and I got a much better processor. I didn't need a screen or anything.

Setting up the computer was as easy as any XP. The guy at Best Buy gave me a warning slip that it needed to boot for 25 minutes before it would work. OK. Well it didn't. It worked fine right out of the box and I followed the prompts. 20 minutes later I'm staring at Vista.

I don't have screenshots because I haven't put PhotoShop on yet. I'm hunting down all my product codes. I also used a Belkin transfer cable for documents. It took FOREVER. Like 4 hours. I had some old videos on it though that I guess I should've deleted. Oh well.

The only thing I can't get to work is Zune surprisingly. The software just won't install, it thinks I already have it running and says there's no update. Yet there's no Zune software. MS support was no help. Call Zune support they say, I've done that before and they're clueless.

I'll run down the pros and cons with screenshots later in the week but now that I've seen it those Mac commercials about cancel and allow are stupid. That happens when you're installing new software or downloading stuff off the internet. It's not like every process requires that. Oh and Aero does look great and I haven't had one slowdown yet or crash.

Side Note: Most posts on FTS are coming straight from Word 2007's blog publishing. The only thing I add via typepad are photos. You can do photos via Word I just don't think they look great. The Vista Logo I did via Word.