Lunch Spot Review: Golden Rise Bakery, Logan Square

This brand new Logan Square bakery has a ton of pastries and bread lining the shelves and display counters but we’re not big on the baked goods, especially with us watching our weight recently. Luckily, Golden Rise also offers a few sandwiches and salads. We walked over there Sunday around noon with Roxy to enjoy the nice weather and to try out this already written-up spot.

Courtney had the Carnivore’s Veggie sandwich which had a grilled portabella and other veggies, muenster cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette. It was $6.25 and we discovered when we got home from our walk that there was almost half a loaf of bread surrounding the ingredients. Just check out the picture! Courtney literally cut each slice in half because it was simply too big. I would’ve gotten the same thing if we hadn’t been trying to do a proper sampling.

Golden_rise_farmers_basketInstead, I got the Farmer’s Basket Grilled Cheese, $5.25, which had gouda, muenster and cheddar chesses just slightly melted over granny smith apples and bacon on sourdough bread. Surprisingly, all the flavors worked really well together. The bread was also huge but because the grilled portion of the bread adds to the flavor I couldn’t cut mine like Courtney did. Instead I just tore off the thick edges. The bread however was divine. If you like sourdough get this. They also had a steak and cheese sandwich which sounded good, but it didn’t come on sourdough? Huh. After finishing my sandwich I felt like my gut would burst. I'm not even that full after a burger.

Oh, and the little side pasta salad was awesome.

Now, I know this is a little corner bakery but we waited a long time, probably 15 minutes for two sandwiches with one person ahead of us. This may have been the lunch rush, but I’m surprised there weren’t more people working in the kitchen at that time. Plus, you wouldn’t think they’d be baking that much by that time of the day. Everyone was very nice though.

There are quite a few tables around, enough to sit 20 or so folks. Not bad for a tiny corner bakery.
Oh, man the pastries! As I waited those 15 minutes I had to stare at gorgeous Napoleons and tarts, and muffins, and just tons of delicious looking goodies. Next time we have guests over we’ll use it as an excuse to get a few boxes of their desserts. Man they looked good and yes, they said they bake them all in house.

We’re really glad this place is here, and if they could be a little more sandwich oriented (they only had three to choose from) we’d really love it, but bread & pastry lovers are probably already very satisfied.

  • Food: A
  • Service: B-
  • Atmosphere: B
  • Price: A
  • Menu: C+