Bella Notte: A Quick Restaurant Review

2007_0207superbowl0151_1Let me preface this review by saying we rarely go out to eat for Italian because A. Carbs aren't necessarily good for the diet and neither are cream sauces and B. One of us makes a mean eggplant parmesan and the other makes a great homemade spaghetti and meatballs. We can get our Italian fix at home.

However, on the rare occasions we do go out for Italian, we often frequent Bella Notte, which also happens to be by one of our offices, which means many business lunches. The food is typical Italian fare with nothing that out of the ordinary. All the dishes are great and the portion sizes are huge. An average pasta dish probably runs between $12-$20. It's not a trendy restaurant by any means, but the restaurant is consistently packed with businessmen and people from the neighborhood.

Since Dave is out blogging
about the Chicago Auto Show, I called in an order to Bella Notte to pick up on my way home. While this blog post may not be that exciting, I must say, Bella Notte has one of the best chopped salads around. Just look at it. Believe it or not there is more under that heaping mound of shrimp, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, hearts of palm, shrimp, artichokes and chickpeas. When you toss the salad, you'll also find carrots, broccoli and cheese and finely chopped lettuce. All of this is dressed with a very light olive oil dressing. I've had this salad probably more than 20 times and never have I come close to finishing it...that's how big the salad is and it will only cost you 10 bucks and some change. It also comes with bread and butter and a side of fruit. For a quick and filling salad, this is one of the best deals in town.

  • Food: A
  • Service: A
  • Atmosphere: B
  • Price: B
  • Menu: B