Logan Square Restaurant Review: Lula’s Cafe

Since moving to Logan Square five years ago, we've frequented Lula's quite a bit. However, we tend to eat the same things for breakfast over and over again. Our favorite breakfast dishes are the breakfast burrito, lox and bagel sandwich and spinach and red pepper frittata.

As early risers, we're usually at Lula's right when it opens at 9 but we were moving a little slow this morning and did not get there until 10:30. We came in right ahead of the rush and were seated right away.

Today we both decided to be adventurous. One of us got the "brown rice bi bim bop" which was described on the menu as golden turnips, swiss chard, beauty heart radish, kimchi, seaweed, miso-chili sauce and two poached eggs. To be honest, we weren't expecting much from this dish, mainly because of our taste preferences but it ended up being delicious. The eggs were perfectly poached and the vegetables were seasoned and cooked just right.

Our other entree was the "butternut squash omelet" which was made
with sautéed apples, leek confit, ricotta salata and brown butter. It
came with sides of potatoes, toast and fruit. The flavors were
wonderful it was just too bad one end of the omelet had all the ricotta
and leeks and the other side had all of the apples and squash. Still
spectacular though.

We know Lula's isn't an unknown or hidden gem anymore but this is the first time we've been able to blog about it.

  • Food: A
  • Service: B-   Slow but friendly
  • Atmosphere: B+
  • Price: B+
  • Menu: A