Concert Review: Rockstar Supernova...Seriously

I'm a music snob. At least I used to be. As a former music critic I was always nitpicking every CD that came across my desk. Since I'm no longer reviewing music I'm a bit more lenient on new music and just enjoy a disc instead of scrutinizing. I'm lying, I still pass judgment on every act. Courtney likes good music too even if it is often more mainstream in nature. We both also love TV and" Rockstar Supernova" was a guilty pleasure last summer where we honestly enjoyed some of the singers.

We bought tickets to the tour almost six months ago it seems like, and it sold out pretty fast with our ticketmaster allotment in the last row of the Rosemont Theater's lower level. Sound was surprisingly good through all the acts leading up to Supernova. First up was the Australian dude named Toby and he did a hard rock set of about four songs, covering Billy Idol once of course. It was fine. It seemed most of the females in the crowd were there for Toby as they had just bought $32+ shirts with his band's name on it.

Next up was Dilana, a diminutive vocal dynamo with another "Rockstar" alum, Magni, on guitar. Her set was all acoustic and surprisingly good. Probably the best of the night.

Then we get the "real" bands. Panic Channel is Dave Navarro's new group with Stephen Perkins on drums and the guy that played bass in the last Jane's Addiction tour. So, basically you have the best parts of Jane's Addiction and no Perry Farrell. Should be good right? No. I had to actually tune out their singer, ex-MTV VJ Steve Isaacs, to enjoy the set. The sad part is the band was exceptional. I just learned the bassist was replaced and it was the guy from Powerman 5000. If you don't remember them don't worry. Some of the songs were even really good, but the singer just ruined it. Killed it. Isn't there anyone in Hollywood that can sing better than this? Dilana came out for a cover of "Highway to Hell" (don't ask) and sounded better than the ex-VJ. I still think Storm Large would've been the perfect fit for that band. Oh well.

The culmination of the night was supposed to be Rockstar Supernova
with Tommy Lee on drums, Gilbey Clarke on guitar and not-Jason Newstead
on bass with the show's winner Lukas Rossi singing. On the TV show
Lukas' raspy screams were refreshing for one song out of ten a night.
Here, where it's all you get for over an hour it's more like a
jackhammer pounding directly into your skull. Add the excruciating loud
kick drum of Tommy Lee and you get a sound that is not so pleasing.
Clarke is also not a lead guitarist in the least, he's a rhythm guy and
the lack of another guitarist made the songs flat. Navarro came back
out for one tune and made the band sound 100% better. We left about
seven songs into the set and aren't upset about it.

To get the shame of going to this show I just bought two
tickets to see Peeping Tom at the ParkWest in April. There are so many
good shows in Chicago I don't' know why we keep going to lame ones.