Elston Corridor Getting Crowded

One of our favorite things about living in Logan Square is the convenient location to Target and the rest of the Elston Corridor shopping. When you live in Chicago you don’t expect big box stores like Petsmart, JoAnn’s, MicroCenter (Dave’s Favorite) Home Depot and Circuit City less than a mile away. However, now we’re getting a large new furniture store wedged between Target and PepBoys and a new mixed-use retail building on the block directly north of the Target.

That means the already crazy-ass driving you see around Target will only get worse. Courtney and I suggest the entrance to Petsmart be turned into a right turn exit only. That alone should alleviate some of the problems.

I’m also unsure of this new grocery store going in where the Cub was. Has anyone ever been to a Strack & VanTil? Cub wasn’t the best grocery store but it was great for quick “oops I forgot milk” runs. Or for lottery tickets and booze. I would’ve preferred a Whole Foods going in there but oh well. Just imagine a Whole Foods with a real parking lot…