Fatblogging: 199.0

Jason Calacanis, the man responsible for starting my blogging career, is on a new kick, losing weight. Except that’s not a snazzy way to slug a blog post. Fatblogging is. So every day he’s suggesting we of the overweight variety post our daily weight and what we’re doing to lower it.

Today, I’ll start with some background. I was around 170 in high school, hit 185 my freshman year in college and after graduating and getting my first job I tipped 190. Now that I’m in the 30s I tipped 200 around the holidays (way up to 208) and need to get that back down. Courtney is on WW to lose her holiday weight (she’s not going to publish that) so I’m defacto on WW too. It’s going well so far. As you can tell I’m down about eight pounds in about four weeks. I’m not exercising much because of the cold weather. The most I do is a mile or so walk to and from the train a few days a week during my commute. We’ll see how this goes. If you have tips list ‘em in the comments.