Money Hungry Cubs Sell Soul, Don't Sign Zambrano

First off, the Cubs need to sign Carlos Zambrano to a big stinking contract. The fact that they haven't yet is unspeakable. He deserves more than "Zitto Money" as everyone keeps saying.

Second: Now that they've sold the outfield doors to Under Armour for an undisclosed sum to "stay competitive" and all the revenue will go to payroll, they really better sign Zambrano.

The sign deal is ludicrous. I didn't grow up in Chicago, but I've been to baseball stadiums all over the country and can tell you the reason Wrigley is so special is because of the lack of blatant commercialism on every square inch.

They raise ticket prices EVERY year. They sell a ton of merchandise. They make a lot of money off of TV. They sold the bleachers to Budweiser. Where will it end? Not with Under Armour that's for sure. I've never seen a sport franchise try to antagonize its fans (the most loyal I've witnessed in any sport) so much. It's really crazy.