Dave’s Take on the Chicago Auto Show

If we have any regular, non-Google delivered, readers out there they probably know I work for Cars.com and run their blog called KickingTires. I just spent the past two days at McCormick Place taking in all the vehicles in my capacity there and you can check out full coverage on that blog here.

Two of my co-workers and I also ran down the show’s winners and losers here.

Don’t forget, while there were only about 20 new cars debuting in Chicago, the show also gets all the cool concepts that were unveiled at the Detroit show last month like the Chevy Volt electric concept.

Because of all the Detroit vehicles here in Chicago, the show is definitely worth going to, but because of the few worthy vehicles totally new to Chicago the show overall wasn’t as good as past years.

New cars you MUST see: Pontiac G8, Saturn Astra, Scion xB.