Suburban Restaurant Review: Sam & Harry's

We're still stuck in the suburbs for a bit longer and finally got to go out on a date night. We didn't want to go anywhere fancy (beyond jeans and a nice shirt) and someone we knew had mentioned they had a good meal at this relatively new steak place in the Schaumburg Marriott convention center. Overall we were impressed but there were a few issues.

First, we called to make reservations for 6:30. The hostess said they were only taking reservations up until six. To me this meant they were booked with reservations. When we arrived at six we were one of three seated tables in a cavernous dining room. And while a dozen or so tables filled in by seven I was pretty perturbed about it.

Our table was a bit odd too. It consisted of two sofas full of throw piloows and a long table far away from both sofas. I had to move Courtney's sofa myself while because I didn't want to bother the people behind me, I remained hanging on the edge of my sofa to reach the table. There were plenty of conventional tables and booths though.

The menu was quite brief. I knew it was a steak house but there was no pork chop, no veal chop and I don't remember seeing chicken on the menu. There were two fish specials, lobster, crab and crab cakes. Throw in about five cuts of beef and that was the totality of the menu.

I ordered the lamb chops and Courtney ordered crab cakes. We split a chopped salad and shared a side of creamed spinach.

My lamb was excellent, perfectly cooked and crusted with mustard. It came with roasted veggies which were drowned in the sauce for the lamb, but still good.

Courtney's crab cakes looked small at first but were very filling, light, fresh and again perfectly cooked. Our salad was also tasty but had a bit too much dressing. The taste of the dressing was quite good, but strong so you didn't need so much. We had mixed reactions to the spinach. Courtney was not fond of it while I liked it quite a bit. Plenty of it for four. I took half of my lamb and the spinach for leftovers.

Service was very efficient with a friendly waitress. No complaints there.

The final negative came with the check. Our total was $96 without alcohol. The lamb was $38 and the crab cakes $29. The salad, spinach, two mineral waters and tax made up the rest.

For the price we wouldn't go running back, but we certainly couldn't complain about the food or service.

Food: A-

Service: A

Menu: C

Decor: B+

Price: $$$+