Think Cafe: A New Regular Restaurant

We’ve gone to Think Café probably four times in the past year and after our last so-so experience at Meritage I think Think Café is going to be our new spot. Plus it’s only a few blocks away.

Saturday night we went to Think for an early dinner. We almost always eat out with 5:30 or 6 o’clock reservations. It’s not that we’re an old, unexciting couple…ok we’re a young unexciting couple, but we like to eat early, get home, hit the couch and watch a movie by the fire.

Anyway, we get in and have our pick of tables because only one other person is in the whole restaurant. The waitress was attentive, smart and new the wine we brought better than we did, which admittedly wouldn’t be hard. The best thing about B.Y.O.B. is you can bring an actual $40 bottle of wine and it makes the meal that much better instead of buying a $10 bottle of wine for $40 from the restaurant. That always burns me.

For appetizers I tried the special, a lobster carpaccio which had capers with it but also Mexican seasoning and a side of guacamole and sour cream, it was a very strange combination but worked extremely well. It would probably have been better during summer but I didn’t feel like the lobster bisque, the other appetizer special. Courtney had the scallop appetizer which we’ve had before. Mostly good, but one scallop was overdone. Both were around $12-$14. 

The main courses were both specials, both simply excellent. Courtney had snow snapper, an Australian fish I believe the waitress said. It was more like sea bass than snapper and barely seasoned, which was ok because it was cooked perfectly. I had the London broil special and if you think that sounds pedestrian it wasn’t. I rarely get beef when I go out because we have it fairly regularly at home and I reserve meals out for lamb, veal, game or some other meat I wouldn’t normally cook. But the London broil was simply terrific with a great sauce, horseradish mashed potatoes, asparagus and carrots. The two specials were $25 and $30. So for $100 we had a terrific meal with a $40 bottle of wine.

Now we know where our new “regular” spot is going to be.