Creative Xmod Review

I saw something about this online and looked into Creative’s website to learn more. A novel idea I know but the Creative site actually had a ton of explanation and even some demos. Wait a second, are you wondering what the hell I’m even talking about? This little device shown to the right is a digital upconverter for your MP3s, CDs, movies or anything played on your computer, like games.

Most music is played at 16 bits like CDs. MP3s are actually compressed versions of that level of quality. The Xmod upconverts, using a ton of digital trickery, your music to 24 bits. What does that mean? Music sounds better when you plug in this little doohickey.

Installation was beyond easy. You plug in the USB from the Xmod into your computer and plug your stereo speakers and/or headphones into the Xmod. No software. It does not need an A/C adapter like the CNet review states, the USB powers it.

The results are pretty good.

I hated having to turn up my Klipsch speakers to get a decent sound and
this allows for much lower sound levels to get the most out of all the
music I’ve put on my harddrive. As a bit of a music snob I’ve always
hated playing music on my computer but this I think finally makes the
most of the what I have set-up and unfortunately I listen to most of my
music at the computer desk either in my home office or at work.

There’s also a virtual 3-D setting for movies. When you use it on music
it sounds a little weird, so I just leave it on when I’m playing a DVD
or gaming. It does seem to help my left and right speaker set-up sound
more like a surround sound one without all the idiotic looking little
speakers and subwoofer cluttering up our office. I really don’t want
those extra black boxes all over, you know? I have to definitely
recommend this one if you’re listening to a majority of music on your
computer like we all seem to be doing these days.