Weekend Food Update

Since we’re both doing Weight Watchers, we’re trying to cut down on our eating out. But we’re doing just that…cutting down…not forgoing eating out all together. We could never do that!!!

Friday night was a Costco dinner…you can’t beat their filets.

Saturday, we set the DVR to tape the football games and headed out to one of our favorite neighborhood spots, Meritage. We’ve been going to this restaurant for more than five years and the food, for the most part, has been consistent. Saturday night it wasn’t.

As early risers, we tend to make early dinner reservations, which actually comes in handy sometimes. Restaurants are usually quiet and specials are always available.

We started with a very tasty organic baby spinach & beet carpaccio with blue cheese and blueberry vinaigrette and steamed mussels. The mussels were also perfectly done and the appetizer was huge, probably two dozen mussels.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good ended.

As one of two tables in the restaurant, our dishes were the first out of the kitchen. We had a sea bass special and the game special, which was elk. The fish was perfectly cooked and seasoned, but the side of mashed sweet potatoes was cold. The Elk was a little different than most of the other game meats we had tried and it wasn’t a favorite for us, but that is not the chef’s fault. However, another side of cold mashed potatoes and cold veggies was. When your meal is the first out of the kitchen, cold food is not acceptable. The restaurant did the smart thing though and discounted both of our entrees.

As a break from Lean Cuisines on Weight Watchers, we hit The Goddess and The Grocer for lunch on Sunday. the sandwiches are always good and exceptionally huge. Dave went with the California Dreaming, Courtney the Magic Mushroom. Now back to our regularly scheduled diet.

MAGIC MUSHROOM (vegetarian) 7.50

portobello mushrooms, melted brie, spinach and slow roasted tomatoes

on a ciabatta panini


honey maple turkey breast with avocado, swiss, sprouts, lettuce and tomato

with lemon mayonnaise on country white