Zune Update: Video Battery Life, Style, $235 Sale


Hey guys. As you know I got the Zune mainly as a travel companion for long trips. I found a great software program that rips my DVDs to the size compatible wmv for the Zune with one touch and loaded mine up with a half dozen episodes of Smallville Season 5 for my trip to Florida and L.A.

Battery life equaled four episodes in one sitting with about another two-three hours of music. With just music playing (at work and commuting in the morning) I’ve easily gotten ten+ hours.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad vs. the iPod though but about what I would expect. I’d still like a battery boost type of accessory.

Also as you can see to the right we’re doing Amazon ads (we’re late to the party I guess). On Fighting The Suburbs we’re going to point to products we actually own and enjoy using, like the Zune. There’s no price listed but Amazon has them at $235 with free shipping. I haven’t seen them on sale elsewhere so it sounds like a good deal to me.

I almost forgot, I downloaded Zune’s desktop theme and it’s a very subtle look and actually because orange is a prominent color if you use Firefox as your primary browser it is quite stylish. A lot of people say Microsoft is this company that doesn’t know design etc., but it is extremely difficult to make a consumable product have any kind of life of its own. This is an inanimate object after all, yet the shades of brown, background images and fonts give off a definite vibe of some kind. Maybe I’m just a child of the 1970-80s and it works for me I’m not sure.

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