We’re Back


Courtney’s been back for a  week but I just got back from the annual Thanksgiving trek to Florida plus a business trip to L.A. I’ve been criss-crossing the country in 70 and 80 degree weather while it’s been freezing here.

First, Thanksgiving was good. Lots of family time and good food.

Then I was off to L.A. for the big L.A. Auto Show for Cars.com. I’m not a fan of Los Angeles. I was telling two of my co-workers who are from the area that “L.A. sucked” the entire time we were there. I got a sinus headache that was debilitating during Day 1 of the show. It must have been from the altitude and flying I guess.

But that’s not why L.A. sucks.

It’s a huge city with a tiny downtown where we were stuck for the show. Not many restaurants, hard to walk or find a cab. I can’t say what the people were like because we didn’t run into many. After the show ended Thursday I headed way south with my Dad to where he lives in Temecula. It’s sort of between L.A. and San Diego and is a suburb of sorts for Riverside and San Diego with lots of strip malls, horse ranches and wineries of all things.


These are actually pictures from the Callaway winery. Temecula also has an “Old Town” that looks like it came right out of the wild west, if the wild west had BBQ, antique shops and a farmers market. I was really surprised by how nice a little town it was.

It was a nice time but I was very happy to come back to Chicago even if the weather difference was around 60 degrees. Nothing like that kind of shock to the system.