Suburban Restaurant Review: Osteria di Tramonto

Like many city dwellers we headed out to the suburbs for the holidays. On Saturday night we went to dinner at Rick Tramonto’s new Italian restaurant for the masses, Osteria di Tramonto. The former chef at Tru has now gone big time with two huge restaurants (a slick looking steak house is next door) in a large convention-sized Westin in Wheeling.

The Italian restaurant was decorated well, had a nice ambiance and our table was well placed but that was about where the positives end. Our waiter, Courtney said he probably does local theater, was odd to say the least, making every comment sound like a declaration. He didn’t help with the wine selection and we eventually settled on a $34 bottle of white for Courtney and her mom.

Then we didn’t see the waiter for another 20 minutes as we over-analyzed the menu.

Surprisingly, the menu was not adventurous in the least. Veal Saltimbocca and Chicken Cacciatorre were not joined by innovative offerings like the website suggests. I had a plate of Cavatelli pasta that was overdone with overcooked pieces of duck ($17). Courtney’s Salmon Scallopini was a piece of salmon covered in mescaline greens (roughly $20). There was no other garnish, no mushrooms, no nothing.

Courtney’s parents both got fish and said it was “good” but not great ($25 range). The service between our salads and the main course was extremely long and we had to deal with that waiter. He also forgot a second drink for Courtney’s dad before dinner.

If the meal had lived up to the atmosphere our expectations would have been met. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

  • Food: C
  • Service: D+
  • Atmosphere: B+
  • Price: C+
  • Menu: C+