Lunch at ZKF

After attending the One of a Kind art show at the Merchandise Mart we headed over to Bucktown to pick up a couple of Christmas presents for folks and have lunch. Courtney had heard of ZKF somewhere, I’m not sure where, but since we liked Zoom Kitchen before it closed we were pretty optimistic.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a website for the restaurant or a menu online (for shame) but here’s a link to the Metromix profile. We got there right around noon on Saturday and it was pretty empty with a few tables full. The atmosphere is pretty straight forward and not too over the top.

The lunch menu had quite a few sandwiches, soups and salads but I went for the chicken and avocado (a favorite according to our very friendly waiter) and Courtney had the tuna fish. Both sandwiches were quite large and I had tortellini salad on the side. It was almost as good as the sandwich. The tuna was very creamy in texture but that made it stick to the bread a bit better. The chicken slid around on the baguette a bit but not enough to get too messy. All the ingredients were fresh and prepared well. Prices per sandwich were around $8 so this wouldn’t be a Monday through Friday place but a nice stop on the weekend and this is a needed addition to the lunch places in the area. No “soup and salad” option either which seemed a bit odd to us but the waiter said they might add one since it seems we weren’t the only ones interested.

We peeked at their dinner menu and it didn’t look too lengthy but featured fish tacos so we might be headed back for dinner one night. As for breakfast we have three places in Logan we like for breakfast and the menu at ZKF didn’t look like it would sway us, especially for a morning meal.

  • Food: A-
  • Service: A
  • Atmosphere: B+
  • Price: B
  • Menu: C+