Chicago Beer Review: Two Brothers Heavy Handed Pale Ale

When going broke shopping at Whole Foods over the weekend I hit the beer aisle because they usually have a good selection of imports and I can get Dogfish Head IPA there. Dogfish Head is a favorite of mine; Courtney’s family in Delaware turned me on to it. But then I saw a local microbrew pale called Heavy Handed Pale Ale. Knowing nothing about it besides the $8.99 price I bought it. Dogfish was the same price btw.

I had a few on Saturday night with the meatloaf that wasn’t very good and found the beer quite heavy for a pale ale but the flavor was strong and Fall-ish. I just looked up the company’s website (time to get a new site guys!!! Try a blog) and what do you know? It is a seasonal, fall brew. They have another pale called “The Bitter End” that I’m guessing is more classic IPA like a Sierra Nevada and according to the website won an award.

Anyway, I’m not a beer aficionado, I just like the occasional real thing between sports watching/Miller Lite swiggin’ days, but if you find this one and you like a heavier pale like Dogfish Head I recommend it.