Recipe Week

With the game on Sunday we’ve kept our eating out to a minimum. On Saturday I did some menu planning (my turn this week) and hit Whole Foods for a very pricey day of grocery shopping. Seriously, are organic limes really worth twice the price or regular limes? But that’s what happens when you need to get instant polenta, gorgonzola and some spicy sausage for a few meals.

Most of the recipes that I planned come from the new cookbook I got a few weeks ago by Dave Lieberman from the food network. It’s called “Dave’s Dinners” funny enough.

I’ve made two recipes so far.

Saturday night I went with Dave’s meatloaf called Bubby’s Meatloaf with Red Pepper Sauce. My wife already makes a terrific meatloaf with sun-dried tomatoes but I thought this might be a good alternative with red peppers. We had a bit of a gas leak scare in the middle of cooking but it all turned out OK and the meal was delayed an hour or so. It was pretty easy to cook but there wasn’t enough taste to the meatloaf. Not like Courtney’s recipe. I think it had to do with the red pepper sauce. It was reminiscent of Jewish cooking of my grandmother in briskets etc. But that usually isn’t the most flavorful either. Grade: C-

Luckily, Sunday after the game we went with something lighter and more up our alley. It was Shrimp and Spicy Stew. I bought frozen shrimp to cut that process in half and bought some organic “spicy cilantro” sausage at Whole Foods. Otherwise the stew was pretty easy. Chicken stock, onions, garlic, paprika and cumin. Doesn’t sound spicy right? It turned out to have quite a kick. It also took a very short time to prepare so that will make it a repeat in our hosue for after work meals. We’ll be having this one again for sure. Grade: A-