Zune Update, Football Weekend

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the Zune. After some playing around (Help files? Who needs help files?) I’ve figured out how to synch video and photos to the Zune. I also found a great program that rips my DVDs to Zune-ready WMV with one button. I don’t want to say the name since it might not be all too legal (they’re my owned DVDs though) but ping me in comments and I’ll let you know.

This is great because I’ll pretty much have a whole season of Smallville to watch on my upcoming Chicago to Florida to L.A. trip. Along with a couple hundred albums.

Otherwise, this weekend we had a few folks over for the Ohio State/Michigan game and overall our first hosting duties in the new place went well. I don’t think anyone went hungry or thirsty anyway. Lots of finger food with some homemade chicken wings and Courtney made some awesome roasted red pepper crustini things.

The rest of the weekend we just lounged by the fire, finally working, and watched football between hanging pictures etc.

Oh, we just got added to Chicago Bloggers at the Logan Square stop. It’s an interesting way to group all the Chicago specific bloggers out there so check it out.