City Car Review: 2007 Suzuki SX4

Since my actual, paying job is writing about cars I really don’t want to do lengthy auto reviews here, but ever since moving to Chicago I’ve been amazed at how drivable a city it is. I know other blogs spout their anti-auto bias but Chicagoans can be just as happy owning a car as not. This week I just finished testing the new Suzuki SX4 the most affordable all-wheel drive car on the market. All grades are based on living and driving in the city.

  • Parallel Parking: Not as small as a Mini or Scion xA it still is going to get you into most spots. Grade: A-
  • Winter Driving: Has the above mentioned AWD that can be turned off (for better mileage) in good weather. Grade: A

  • Features: Tons of good stuff for an entry-level car like anti-lock, disc brakes brakes and power everything for the entry price. Grade: A-
  • Mileage: 23/28 city/hwy mpg. Not great at all for something this size, AWD saps mileage. Grade: C+
  • Price: $14,999 and you can get away with that entry level price (like my test vehicle) if you drive stick and upgrade the stereo on your own. But even the base stereo is better than most Kia/Hyundai/Toyota base units. Grade: A-