Halloween in the City, Sucks Eggs

Last night was action packed on Logan Blvd. On the walk home from the L station there were tons of kids trick or treating at 5:30. This is unlike our last neighborhood just a mile west. It was nice but surprising and one thing I didn’t expect to happen was to get an egg thrown at me.

But that’s what happened. I just crossed Fullerton on California and an egg landed squarely at my feet as a car drove through the intersection. Now, I wouldn’t have cared much if I was just in normal work dress, khakis or jeans and a nice shirt. That would’ve been ok. However, today I got a call around 10 a.m. saying I had to go on a business talk show. I borrowed a test car, drove home, changed quickly into a nice suit because I didn’t have time to coordinate a coat, pants and tie so soon after our move, and went to the TV station.

So there I am, walking home at night in a nice dark suit, with my bag slung over my shoulder. I could have told people I was a Republican strategist for Halloween, I looked so straight laced. And then the egg came. Splat. When I got home and inspected the suit from about the calf down on both legs had egg all over them. All I can be thankful for is the kid’s bad aim and the fact he and his friends were too stupid to use rotten eggs.