Logitech Wireless DJ Music System Review: Perhaps the Coolest F’ing Device Ever

Each day it seems another piece of my home theater system is falling into place. Last night I hooked up the Logitech Wireless DJ Music System. While I hate the “DJ” part of the name the rest is accurate. Basically we wanted a way to get our digital music to the new stereo set-up downstairs without another bulky piece of hardware or having to physically move an iPod or other device between the office upstairs and the stereo downstairs.

A very simple software install sets up the music you want to access. I chose iTunes and file folders. Then you hook up one sensor via USB to your computer.

Downstairs I plugged in the remote’s cradle into the Monster Power and some spare high-end RCA cables into the receiver and the remote station was now hooked up to the Polk in-ceiling speakers.

The remote turned on, a cool-looking blue color backlit the display and I selected an “A” band Audioslave. The first song to come out of the system sounded like shit. Oh no, the warning about being more than seven feet away must be accurate. But what would be the point of having this system if it couldn’t jump floors like I wanted it to do? Then I realized the receiver was set to the “Live” music setting. A quick button press got “Pop/Rock” and the room was alive with music.

The streaming seems to work flawlessly even with the A/V closet doors closed and both receivers being about 30 feet away. The wheel on the remote works just like an iPod and you can shuffle or pick entire albums to play. Now I have more reason to keep burning our immense (so far we have 500 or so albums burned or 14 days of music. I’m guessing we have a few thousand more discs to go) CD collection onto my external hard drive.

If I had to grade this sucker I’d give it an A+, 9.9 out of 10 etc. The remote feels weighty and high quality. I bought it on Logitech’s own site last month but it seems Best Buy is finally on the ball and has them in stock, at least online. If there is a must-have piece of technology this year, this is it.

FTS: For FTS readers, the living room is the default city entertainment location. When you’re cocooning in the winter there’s no better place to be. We will talk “live” entertainment when the occasion presents itself.