Haichi’s Kitchen: We’ll pass next time

Sorry, we forgot to take photos of our take-out meal last night but we’ll review Haichi’s Kitchen as a sushi destination just the same. Since it was our first time ordering from them we went a bit crazy and ordered five rolls: Dragon Maki (eel, avocado), Rainbow Maki (crab with tuna, yellow tail, salmon wrapped around it), Tako Sansai Maki (marinated octopus), Ebi Tempura Maki (shrimp tempura) and a spicy salmon roll not on the menu.

That’s a lot of sushi. And I’d say only one was worth getting again, the octopus. Every roll had way too much rice and not enough flavor. The fish was very fresh but otherwise it felt like I was shoveling rice down my gullet with no pay off. And the place wasn’t cheap. Our bill was $45 for takeout. I much prefer Coast because it offers better flavors and prices or Mirai on Division which is more expensive but worth it.

It’s too bad. HK is really close to us and Courtney just walked over there to pick up the order.