First week of eating

So we’re celebrating our first week in our new place (we're in Logan Square peeps) tonight with home cooking but last week our kitchen wasn’t unpacked and we had to do take in. We went with old standbys like El Cid’s skirt steak burrito (nothing beats it) on Monday night.

Then we followed that up with Chinese from Friendship. I’m not a big fan of Chinese but that’s because most times I get it (including various times while we were exiled in the suburbs) the food is sub-par. Friendship is extremely high quality from the egg rolls with their own spicy duck sauce to the spicy orange chicken. Very good. Their fried rice is even superb. We usually go with veggie but got shrimp fried rice this time. It’s also expensive. We had two egg rolls, two main dishes and the fried rice and the total was $40. 

Otherwise we did some ready to eat from Whole Paycheck but it wasn’t so hot besides some good 7-layer dip. This weekend we hope to get out to a new restaurant although we haven't picked one yet.