Changing Gears In So Many Ways

Recently I started a new job.

In itself that is usually not a big deal especially considering I didn’t have to relocate and I wasn’t being…you know, fired.

But I’m in a job that no longer has me test-driving new cars. It turns out that most jobs don’t have that in the description of regular duties. So there’s that.

You’re going to see a lot less car coverage here unless it’s about our new car a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder (above). We decided our second car could use an upgrade and the added room would help with that age-old parent right of passage, carpooling.

Also, because of my new position it is best that I no longer accept products for review. I will still talk about the stuff I live with, eat and drink and of course kids’ stuff too.

Honestly…this is a whole new blank slate in terms of my blogging life. We’ll have to see where it goes. 

What We Did On The Kids' Summer Vacation: 2015 Photo Blog

Now that the kids are back in school it's time for that What We Did On Summer Vacation post.

I won't get too crazy like last year but figured a nice photo blog is an easy way to say goodbye.

Carter went with the Mohawk once again, with trims in the backyard all summer by dad. Leafblower = hairdryer.

Carter played in his second consecutive baseball all-star game.

We really used our season passes for Great America (a Christmas Gift we gave ourselves). Now that Carter is tall enough to ride a lot of coasters... we rode a lot of coasters. Carter can claim he rode the Goliath, which scared the crap out of me. By the end of the summer Evie had gotten the bug, trying a few for her size culminating in The Demon! held an employee party at Wrigley field. It was a blast and I even got to show off all the things I've learned from watching Carter practice the past three years…or not.

The parents lucked out and got tickets to see Eddie Vedder play the Hot Stove, Cool Music benefit at the Metro. It was truly an amazing performance. And that's from a guy who has seen a few Vedder performances in his day.

Courtney celebrated her birthday at Benihana. The kids and I had never been to one. I can't wait to go back.

The kids checked out Maggie Daley Park on one of the few hot summer days we had this year… and they were impressed.

I drove the Cadillac CTS-V at Road America for work. I've never driven so fast in my life. Truly amazing performance there and terrific experience at the track.

Went to Tahoe for a family vacation.

Unlike our last trip, I actually got to see the lake and even went kayaking with both kids.

The adventure continued with zip lining. I'm shocked at how fearless these kids are sometimes.

We came back home to our garden finally producing. We had lots of Poblanos.

Made lots Poblano BBQ sauce.

We tried the Wubble, As Seen On TV. It took 20 minutes to blow up, 5 minutes to get a tear and rendered useless.

But it produced amazing photos.


We checked out the Morton Arboretum's Lego exhibit but we will likely always remember getting truly lost in their hedge maze. I was kind of worried we weren't going to get out until I remembered to look at the map in my pocket…

Rolo is really coming into his own as a dog. He's still a pain for 90% of the time but he's getting more predictable at least. And we think he's no longer eating Legos.

In May, we took the kids to their first Cubs game but in August we went to our first minor league game catching the Schaumburg Boomers and we had a great time even though the product on the field wasn't so great.

Courtney and I took in the Foo Fighters at Wrigley. It rained again but unlike Pearl Jam there was no delay and we were partially covered so the night was actually very enjoyable.

A few weeks ago the kids started back at school and the weather has even turned mild. Guess the summer ride is officially over.